Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Las Vegas!!!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Period. So i am not going to write on what happened in Vegas. Hehe. I am serious.

But i want to write something informative for whoever stumbles into this blog.

Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada which is located on the proximity of Arizona and California. This region is basically dry and has vast dessert areas. Vegas as everyone probably knows is the Sin City.

There is Las Vegas strip (which represents the word LAS VEGAS), its like Ayala Avenue with hotel & resort casinos instead of commercial towers. Mandalay Hotel & Casino and Venetian Hotel & Casino are at the opposite ends of the strip. For boxing and UFC fanatics, MGM Grand, Mandalay, Cesars Palace, Hard Rock hotels are all in this strip.

Humongous -- thats the description of every single major hotel in the strip. There is vast area of gambling floor and slot machines in each hotel. If I am not mistaken, Belagio and Cesars Palace are the biggest.

At night, you'll see lines of "pimps" on the street giving calling card of call girls. It must be legal.

And there is Hooters Hotel & Casino as well.

Imelda Papin and Lani Misalucha have regular shows somewhere in the strip. You can see their names on the show-schedule magazines at the hotel or at the airport.

Well, i will tell one thing we did in Vegas. We watched Zumanity by Cirque Du Soleil at New York New York Hotel & Casino. Very nice.

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