Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 28 -- Sept. 16, Wednesday -- What's up?

Rep. Joe Wilson of SC heckled Pres. Obama during his address to the joint congress - "You Lie"!

Serena Williams bad-mouthed a line woman during the 2009 US Open semi-final match against Kim Clijsters - "im gonna shove this bleeping ball into bleeping mouth"!!

Kanye West interruppted 19yr old Taylor Swift while she is delivering her speech after winning the 2009 MTV video music awards. "He's such a jackass - Obama".

One week to go and I am flying to Sao Paolo, Brasil.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DAY 19 -- Monday, Sep. 7 --- NEW YORK Trip

First in our list is Statue of Liberty.

Passed by Ground Zero where construction is on-going for the 9/11 Museum, and spent the rest of the day at the 2009 US Open in Queens. We watched the 17yr old American ranked #70 Michelle Oudin beat Petrova (ranked#13) at the big screen outside the stadium. There was a huge crowd outside the stadium, watching through the big screens, cheering for Oudin. We also watched in court Wozniacki (ranked#9 Denmark) beat Kuznetsova (ranked# 6 Russia).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DAY18 - Sunday, Sept. 6 --- NEW YORK Trip

Spent half-day catching up with friend Juna over breakfast @ IHOP.

Checked-in at Broadway Hotel in 101st St., Broadway Avenue. This is a budget hotel and we paid $93 for a night.

Spent the rest of the day on these locations:

Top of the Rockefeller Tower - this is only 60+ floors which sounds not unusual until you learn about its history. it was built in 1930s and once the tallest building in the world. It was built during tumultouos time by extraordinary people. There is no such thing as skyscrapers in Asia that time.

Day 17 - Saturday, Sept. 5 --- NEW YORK Trip

Flew to New York for the long week end. It's long week end due to US Labor Day and I will meet up with my sweet beautiful girlfriend in New York.

Arrived at JFK at around noon time. My kind and generous friend Juna fetch us at the airport and we drove to their house in Bronx. Later in the afternoon we started our NYC adventure with the Grayline hop-on hop-off bus. It was a good way to get introduction of NYC. We spent the rest of the day at Times Square.

Day 16 - Friday, Sept. 4 --- Hard Rock Seminole, FL

Went to Hard Rock Seminole after office. A former officemate of my officemate is resigning and they planned to have this get together.

Since i do not know the place i do not have GPS, my only choice is to follow Gus on the road. Its a 30min drive but we drove for almost an hour. Dark cloud is all over Miami and @6pm the rain dropped like there's no tomorrow. Cars are literally crawling along the hi-way due to low visibility. When we reached the turnpike, Gus went through the Sunpass which i cant and i had to go through the cash toll gates. But Gus was an excellent guide so I was able to follow him all through the parking of Hard Rock. We did the same way going home.

At Seminole I met Italu, a jujitsu practitioner who used to attend the same gym as UFC champion Norgueira. Had fun chatting with Mario and Gus former officemates.

Beer is expensive @ $5 per bottle or Php250. While chatting with Gus i learned some basics of American Football. Nice!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

DAY 10 & 11 -- Ted Kennedy died

U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy died and CNN, FOX and others offered full coverage. It was interesting to learn more about the 3 Kennedy brothers.

And by the way, upon watching Fox News TV and listening to Fox radios almost everyday, I thought that this media network is bias against Democrats or just critical with the government. I searched the Internet and there I saw lots of same opinion about Fox being bias towards conservative Americans.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DAY 9 --- Classic stories during Lunch

Classic true story @ lunchtime:

Its middle of month close and Armando (not his real name) suddenly asked the boss for a week long leave since her aunt died and he needs to be in Colombia. So out of compassion the boss let him go. Armando, as it turned out, is a liar. He also thought his officemates are idiots, so while away he posted his activities in Facebook.

Armando is not in Colombia. His Facebook wall says he is enjoying Paris (together with a lady officemate!) and that they also went to Rome.

He was confronted by one officemate when he reported the next week. Armando, after several questions, finally admitted he lied... and he said he was in Seattle for an interview the whole week!! The next day he came in with an obviously not new "Seattle" shirt!! Haha.